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Put the power of Glowbal Solution’s collective expertise to work for you with our Start It Up Package. Designed as a digital marketing consultation program with hands-on technical support, our Start It Up Package sets you up to get real, measurable results form your digital marketing efforts. We’ll handle technical setup and strategy for your SEO and social advertising, and then coach you through the rest with plenty of expert support.

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Our Foundation Package includes:

  • SEO overhaul – Optimization of your website using the latest semantic SEO best practices, including reorganizing the content and page structures, improving your keyword strategy, updating micro data, enhancing page load speeds, making coding and technical SEO adjustments, and revising SEO page titles, meta descriptions and page content.
  • Social media account optimization – Enhancement of social media accounts for a well-branded, integrated presence on the major networks. Creation of new accounts, when necessary, for an effective presence across the major social networks
  • Tracking software installation – Establishment of analytical tools for monitoring the website’s performance.
  • Webmaster tools setup – Initiation of key functionality for website maintenance and online promotion.
  • Integrated social media management tool setup – Setup of an all-in-one social media dashboard to aggregate all social media accounts and allow one-stop scheduling and monitoring of accounts.
  • Company blog setup and optimization – Build-out of your content engine, designed specifically to draw in more potential customers and optimized for search.
  • Content marketing strategy – Establishment of and documentation for an ongoing content marketing campaign across multiple online media.

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