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“It takes twenty years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” ~ Warren Buffett


Online Reputation Management or ORM is the process to control what shows up when someone searches about you and your organization or brand over the internet (or SERPs). Internet is a happening place with so many things going around. Millions of online businesses leverage this amazing marketplace regularly to bring their business upfront to their potential buyers. It’s therefore important to live a great online reputation to exceed your customers’ expectations. But there are competitors who use con tactics to malign your online reputation. They make every effort to impose you as a negative brand online.

Why do you need Online Reputation Management?

  • Everyone is searching and when they find you, they make decision about you based on what they find online
  • Everything online is recorded, hence you need to ensure enough is done so no harm can come.
  • Everybody can post almost anything online without getting in trouble even if it is not true.

Whether it’s a series of negative comments about your brand or improper reviews downplaying your product, they might kill your online reputation. If you are concerned about your online reputation, Ideal Tech Solution is here. Ideal Tech Solution is full-fledged online reputation Management Company that helps businesses to build and maintain their online reputation online.

  • Brand Management
  • Monitoring your Corporate Reputation Management
  • Eliminate Negative Branding


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Ideal Tech Solution ORM process

We will help you to identify and clean up any bad content showing about you or your business online, like negative Search Engine Results, Negative reviews, risky social media posts and images. We will also help rank positive content that look great online for your business.

Our ORM process starts with tracking and analyzing the online conversations that mention you in bad light. To do so, we scale up the entire online space and fetch every mention about your brand that appeared in professional, private, and business domain. We go through every platform viz. blogs, websites, forums and social networks. We perform the following activity to track your brand and manage it thoroughly thereafter.

  • Using websites Feedster, BlogPulse, and Technorati to monitor your
  • Setting up customized RSS feeds for brand tracking
  • Tracking of brand names and key employee names in search
  • Monitor industry-related sites
  • Setting up Google and Yahoo Alerts to monitor negative mentions
  • Ongoing monitoring of websites
  • Monitor information about your brand and service
  • Why You Should Consider Us:

Our online reputation management services are best suitable for all size of SMEs and big corporate houses. Our ORM experts work hard to generate tangible results. We have an in-house team of talented, experienced and certified professionals at work.

Want a CLEAN online reputation?

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