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Merely Having a Website is not sufficient! A successful web presentation that accurately reflects your business is essential.

No baloney whitespace requirements. Sorry, Python – that makes your code look beautiful, but definitely harder for new devs to pick up.

CF is Super Powerful

ColdFusion is a rapid development platform for building modern web applications. ColdFusion is designed to be expressive and powerful. The expressive characteristic allows you to perform programming tasks at a higher level than most other languages. The powerful characteristic gives you integration with functionality important to web applications like database access, MS Exchange access, PDF form creation and more.

The ColdFusion platform is built on Java and uses the Apache Tomcat J2EE container. While you have full access to Java and Tomcat, you need not worry about these details. You’ll interact with ColdFusion and the user friendly ColdFusion Mark-up Language (CFML) to write your programs. Your ColdFusion files will use the file extension ‘.cfc’ for objects and ‘.cfm’ for pages. CFML requires much less ceremony and infrastructure than typical java while offering a significantly faster development experience than Java.

coldfusion application development

Our Service

At Ideal Tech Solution, we have a team of experienced Coldfusion programmers who build rich interactive ColdFusion Applications and provide a range of ColdFusion Services. We help our clients in choosing the right ColdFusion framework as per their needs. 

Reasons for using ColdFusion for Application Development

  • Build-in HTML5 support
  • Formidable security standards 
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Easily create interactive web application 
  • Cross platform framework
  • Supports major Database
coldfusion application development


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